Globally, the availability of clean and usable fresh water is under growing pressure and the demand for reusing waste is increasing. This is true for domestic, agricultural and industrial usage. Therefore, the issue of water resources is becoming more pressing in the face of climate change and sea level rise. As rapid global urbanization is making water supply more complex in urban areas, recycling is a must. Moreover, an additional benefit to recycling is that the treatment of waste water also supplies energy and raw materials.


The municipality of Rotterdam has drawn up a number of innovative and sustainable objectives. Over the next few years the municipality will create the City Docklands development in which water innovation is key. The RINEW (Rotterdam Innovative Nutrients Energy and Water) project meets the requirements of the municipality of Rotterdam. What’s more, the knowledge and experience which the parties will develop jointly will not only be applied locally. Namely, it will be exported to other countries which face major and urgent problems and challenges.