To stimulate and accelerate the uptake of Carbon Capture and Utilization (CCU) business in the greater Rotterdam The Hague area, a program has been established by five associations from the regional innovation ecosystem: InnovationQuarter, Deltalinqs, SmartPort, the Municipality of Rotterdam and Clean Tech Delta.

On this webpage you will find why this region in the Netherlands is the right place for developing and implementing innovative CCU technologies. In short, the greater Rotterdam The Hague area is the hotspot for your CCU business because there is great access to:

  1. Feedstock
  2. Markets
  3. Technology and piloting
  4. Governmental support
  5. Money and network.

For each we added some bullets below to give you a quick overview. For more details please check out our position paper.


  • CO2 point sources
  • CO2 pipeline: OCAP
  • CO2 storage: Porthos
  • Hydrogen value chains
  • Green electricity from offshore wind
  • Waste heat


  • Port of Rotterdam petrochemical and bio-based clusters
  • Antwerp and Rijn Ruhr industrial clusters
  • 210,000 sustainably built homes needed

Technology and piloting

  • Research and development at TU Delft and TNO
  • Lab, pilot and demonstration facilities: TNO, Plant One Rotterdam and FLIE.
  • Entrepreneurial ecosystem: YES! Delft, ECE, CIC and RDM

Governmental support

  • Climate law targets of 55% CO2 reduction in 2030
  • Various national and regional subsidy instruments
  • A national carbon tax on top of the EU-ETS

Money and network

  • Strong network of private financiers including regional and national venture capital and banks
  • Business development and financial engineering support.
  • Strong knowledge network with thriving public private partnerships

Position paper

We have elaborated on the points you find on this website in our position paper. You can download it via this this link.


Feel free to reach out to us if you want to know more or if you have some burning questions or interesting ideas. We do our best to help you land your CCU business.