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Creating connections

Creating connections

Universities, knowledge institutes, cities and companies join forces to select and initiate repeatable and scalable cleantech initiatives that often involve new combinations of know-how and partnerships in the region Delft – Rotterdam – Drechtsteden.

Clean Tech Delta originates and selects ideas, and brings them up to the project phase. It collaborates with its members and partners to close the implementation gap between an idea and a sustainable business. Clean Tech Delta offers business and project support and promotes, coordinates and supports cleantech opportunities.

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Our regional economy is in transition and where the rubber meets the road is in concrete projects. Our process of originating, selecting and initiating projects ensures that all projects are viable. We strive to make every project sustainable and impactful. Our network of members and partners brings different capabilities to the table. In some cases new combinations of knowledge and business models offer financial opportunities such as European innovation programs. Projects typically fall within our focus areas of bio-based, energy efficiency and water, and are reinforced by experimentation and pilots in an urban environment (urban lab).

Recycling_4(1) In progress


Aimed at closing the loop by converting waste back into useful products, the initial partners are AkzoNobel, Enerkem, the investment and development agency for the Northern Netherlands (NOM), Groningen Seaports and InnovationQuarter. The partners plan to test various local waste streams, including residual municipal and agricultural waste.

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bus-690508_1280 In progress

Combined city- and district transportation Rotterdam

The idea is to combine the transport of older people and the goods the need. In the district a permanent location will serve as a hub where the goods are delivered by suppliers. From the hub meals can be prepared and distributed, residents will get not several, but a regular supplier to the door (social control)….

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Naamloos In progress

Biobased Scenario Planning Tool

The bio based economy multi-stakeholder scenario planning tool is developed by Tygron and TNO. The reason for this new globally unique tool is that in the development of the bio based economy many stakeholders are involved with complex projects and large investments. Strategic cooperation between the various stakeholders is very important for success but is…

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Eco cityscape around a recycle icon

Circular Economy: collaborate and circulate – Blog by Fred van Beuningen

“Adopting circular economy principles could not only benefit Europe environmentally and socially but could also generate a net economic benefit of € 1.8 trillion by 2030”, McKinsey wrote late 2015. At the same time, resource productivity remains hugely underexploited as a source of wealth, competitiveness, and renewal and a technology enabled circular economy could add…

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Our members enhance their own business opportunities and strengthen the economical position of the region at the same time. We focus on the realisation of innovative cleantech test cases and projects in our region. Based on our state of the art technology we aim to implement these techniques worldwide.

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